Help to Buy Windows – Do I Qualify for the H2B Windows Grant?


There are many benefits of installing double-glazed windows and doors including increased security and improved insulation to help with the fuel bills, however, the cost of installation is not a small expense.

According to the Eco experts, the average cost of a new double-glazed window is £640 within the UK, which depending on the size of the property and therefore the number of windows and doors required, will soon add up!

Following the impromptu end of the government’s Green Homes Grant Scheme, there are now limited options available for homeowners to seek support for the cost of new double glazing.

However, there is an alternative non-government grant scheme option that was launched in 2018 to provide financial assistance for homeowners in difficult circumstances with the costs of new, high-quality, double-glazed windows and doors.

Read on further to discover more about the help to buy windows scheme, the application criteria and the benefits of installing windows via the scheme.

What is the Help to Buy Window Scheme?

As briefly mentioned in the introduction, the help to buy scheme is not a government-run scheme and does not receive government support, and therefore is funded purely by private donations and partnering organisations.  In 2019, the help to buy scheme provided eligible homeowners with grants for double glazing to the value of £100,000, which equated to 97 windows and 16 new doors installed across the country.

The help to buy windows scheme offers two options to eligible homeowners:

  • Free double-glazed windows and doors – If the homeowners meet the qualification criteria, the scheme may cover the entire cost of the window installations (depending on the level of funding available at the time of the review of the received application).
  • Scheme funding options – The scheme may provide funding options for new windows or doors, often assisting the homeowner by removing the requirement for upfront costs.

The scheme assesses applicants against the qualification criteria in order to help those homeowners most in need. The schemes currently prioritise applications from single-parent family homeowners that have disabled or critically ill children as well as assisting low-income homeowning families, however, depending on the level of funding available, the qualification criteria may change.

The scheme has negotiated with double glazing manufacturers to ensure the best price for the windows and doors so that the funding available can help as many families as possible each year.

What are The Scheme Criteria?

There are two main criteria for an application to be considered by the help to buy scheme as follows:

  • Homeowner – The scheme only supports homeowners improve their property as the responsibility of maintaining a council, housing association or privately rented property does not fall upon the tenant.
  • The applicant must be employed, self-employed or retired.

Should an applicant meet these initial two criteria, a scheme representative would then request further details regarding the household circumstances in order to assess the level of need for the support. Each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis in order to prioritise the funding that the scheme holds at the time of application.

Due to the nature of the funding of the scheme, income receipts can fluctuate and therefore the level of grants accepted will vary from year to year. However, the help to buy scheme aims to support as many homeowners as possible each financial year.

How Can I Apply for The Help to Buy Window Scheme?

The initial application process is a quick and easy one. The first step is completing a few short questions on the website:

If your application meets the scheme criteria, a representative from the help to buy windows scheme will be in contact with the applicant and may ask for proof of circumstances in order to priories the applications to those most in need.

What Happens Should an Applicant not be Eligible?

 Should an application for full funding for new windows be rejected, Help to Buy will aim to offer an alternative option to the homeowner by assisting with other options in order to install the windows such as aiding to search for other sources of finance or funding through other companies that have partnered with the scheme.

What Happens Should an Application be Accepted However the Scheme Does Not Have Sufficient Funding at The Time?

In the event that the scheme has insufficient funding, however, an application has been deemed as successful, then the household would be added to a list that the help to buy scheme holds in advance of receipt of the next amount of funding.

While an applicant is waiting on the list, should their circumstances change, they can withdraw their scheme application.

Why Choose to Utilise the Help 2 Buy Window Scheme?

 The scheme aims to provide financial support for those most in need to install new windows into their property to benefit from energy efficiencies, improve living conditions where draughts or leaks are impacting the quality of life and also improve property security.

The help to buy windows scheme also has many positive reviews on Trustpilot that recommend the company and convey the clear and supportive nature of the scheme representatives.

If your household meets the initial scheme criteria, we recommend that you make an initial enquiry with the scheme via their website for your application for financial support to be reviewed.

There is nothing to lose by checking if you qualify for the scheme.  If you have any queries regarding the company’s data-sharing policies, please review the privacy policy on the scheme’s website in the first instance or contact the scheme directly.

Check out our complete guide on the price of new windows, if you want a rough idea of how much you can expect to pay (including installation). You can also read about the various window styles available, as well as double glazing, triple glazing and decorative windows.

Help to Buy Windows Summary

The help to buy scheme aims to support homeowners in need with the cost of installing double-glazed windows and doors to their property and has a proven record of achieving great results by raising sufficient funds that have supported many properties over the past few years.

The scheme has a great reputation including positive feedback via TrustPilot and therefore homeowners can be reassured that their grant applications and ultimately installations are in the best of hands.

Should you require new windows or doors, please complete the short form on the scheme’s website as the first step to see if you are eligible.

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