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Whether installing a new front door in either a new property or replacing an existing door, the security of the new door will be of utmost importance. After all, the security of a front door is often seen as the first line of defence in stopping anyone unwelcome from entering the property.

According to Checkatrade, the average price of a new front door can vary from £650 for a uPVC model, up to £1,875 for a composite constructed front door, therefore finding the perfect type of secure door most suitable for the property will be vital.

There are many factors that can impact the security levels of new a front door, including the type of material the door is made of, the type of lock system installed within the door itself and any additional elements added externally, all of which we will explore during this short guide.

What Is The Safest Material for a Door to be Made From?

Front doors can be made from a number of materials, however, the most common are wood, uPVC or Composite. Each of the materials has different benefits and costs as follows:

  • Wooden Doors – Wood is a traditional choice of material that a door can be made from that provides a high level of security as well offering a wide range of finishes that can fit in with the surroundings or provide some artistic creativity option although there are maintenance requirements in order to protect the longevity of life of a wooden door. In addition, wooden doors do also feature at the higher end of the price range for a new door and it is also worth noting that The overall level of security of the door will depend on the lock also.
  • Composite- Composite doors are made from a combination of materials including wood, metals and installation foams. The benefits of combining materials include increasing the strength and durability of the door, often by using a reinforced metal door frame, as well as improved weather resistance. Usually, composite doors provide similar high-security levels to that of a wooden door, but at a cheaper price. The amount of glass should be considered within a composite door as glass can easily be broken or pieces lifted out of the frame in order to gain access to the property.
  • uPVC – There is a very wide range of uPVC doors available on the market these days, that vary in both price and level of security offered, however out of the types of the most common materials for doors, uPVC is often the most cost-effective. One element to be aware of when considering a uPVC door is the lock system as the doors come pre-fitted with the locks and there are very minimal options of adding to the security of the door following installation.

Some cheaper uPVC door models may only install cylinder locks that can be easily broken in too and therefore do not provide adequate security in the modern world, therefore a consumer should look for an anti-snap lock as well as a multi-point type of locking system.

What Standards Should a New Door Meet?

There are a number of standards that a consumer should look for when shopping for a new door, whether this is a front or back door, including the British Standard Kitemark as well as PAS 24 accreditations.

What Is The Best Lock Style and System to Choose?

As we have discussed, the door itself can be made from a number of materials, however, the overall security is also highly related to the type of lock that has been installed.

There are two common types of door locking styles; a mortice lock which is an internal locking system built in the door itself, or a rim lock which is a self-contained lock that is installed on the inner side of the door. More often uPVC and Composite doors utilise mortice locks meanwhile wooden doors commonly would have both lock styles in place.

In addition to the style of the lock, the type of lock mechanism to be installed is also to be considered. Lever locks work by releasing a bolt to open the door only when using a specific shaped key that moves the levers to the correct heights. Lever locks are often available in three or five lever options.

A five-lever deadbolt lock system with the British Standard markings are often the most common factors to look for when choosing a lock system and are also often required when obtaining home insurance too.

Cylinder locks are another option that operates by the key turning spring-loaded pins in order to open the door. Cylinder locks come in three profile types; round profile, oval profile or euro profile.

It is worth noting that there are building regulations in relation to locks that can provide a quick release for evacuation purposes and therefore these should be explored further especially if seeking to fit a door within a rental property.

How can a property add additional internal security features?

Further to the door composition and lock type, there are other features that can provide additional security to the property as follows:

  • Screws – It is worth noting the type of screws that are due to be installed within the hinges of the door and their length as the longer the screw, the most preventative they are of break-ins.
  • Door chains – Further security can be added to a property by installing a door chain that enables the door to be partially opened in order to safely check who is visiting whilst the chain can prevent any unauthorised entry.
  • Reinforcing any glass – Any glass either internal to the door or either side should be reinforced to prevent from being broken in order to gain access to open the lock from inside.

Most Secure Front Doors Summary

Should you be browsing the market in order to install a new front door, please do get in touch to request a free, no-obligation quote for a new front door installation. Our friendly team will efficiently guide you through the process of selecting a suitable door, accurately measuring up and ordering the perfect model for the property.

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