Tilt and Turn Windows: Pros, Cons & Costs


The windows of the property provide so much more than the aesthetic finish including such benefits as energy efficiency, ventilation and security and therefore sourcing the most suitable type of windows for the type of property will be important for any new build or renovation project.

There are various types of windows on the market these days however in this article we will be discussing tilt and turn windows including exploring the advantages, disadvantages and the average cost of installing this type of window on your property.

What are Tilt and Turn Windows and How do They Work?

Tilt and turn windows have a hinge mechanism installed within the window frame to enable two different ways of opening the window; either by fully opening the window inwards from the bottom or by tilting the window, in order to open it at an angle, providing ventilation from the top of the window. The desired setting is often operated by turning the handle of the window to different degree angles depending on the make and model of the window.

This modern type of window design provides a practical solution to properties to let the airflow in, whilst also offering an increase in safety from objects, children or vulnerable people from falling out of traditional wide-open windows.

Are There Different Types of Tilt and Turn Windows?

Yes, there are different types of tilt and turn windows depending on the type of material that the window frame is made from, either:

  • uPVC frame – Often uPVC tilt and turn windows offer low maintenance and lower cost option in comparison with other compositions of tilt and turn window frames, however, the quality can sometimes be an issue. Therefore if uPVC is the frame of choice, we highly recommend that any potential suppliers and their products are researched in order to ensure the quality and security of the window selected.
  • Aluminium frame – Although aluminium frames are a more expensive option, the type of window frame benefits from increased strength and security in comparison to the uPVC.

In addition to the composition type of the window itself, there will also be options between various colours and finishes to choose from in order to find the most appropriate aesthetics for the property style or neighbourhood. Various manufacturers may also offer slight differences between their models such as the direction of the tilt and the maximum angle of movement.

Check out our complete guide on the price of new windows, if you want a rough idea of how much you can expect to pay (including installation). You can also read about the various window styles available, as well as double glazing, triple glazing and decorative windows.

What are The Advantages of Tilt and Turn Windows?

  • Safety elements – The tilt and turn style of the window can provide a number of safety benefits such as securing the window in the tilt position can prevent the vulnerable from falling out or trapping limbs. Also, we have all become increasingly aware of the role that plenty of ventilation can bring since the COVID pandemic, therefore the tilt setting can assist with providing plenty of ventilation.
  • Flexibility – As we have discussed, the tilt and turn window offers different openings which can provide a range of flexible ventilation options, whilst also protecting the property from any incoming rain, due to the angle of the opening.
  • Easy to maintain – The various openings enabling a greater area of access for any cleaning or maintenance purposes.
  • High insulation ratings – The tilt and turn windows often benefit from high ratings in relation to insulation as this type of window has an airtight seal protecting from heat loss, draughts and leaks.

What are The Disadvantages of Tilt and Turn Windows?

  • Complex mechanisms – Due to the nature of the motion required from tilt and turn design, should there be any faults, the cost of repairs can be extensive. In addition, the depth of the window frame also can be a concern as this has to incorporate the complex tilt and turn mechanics.
  • Space requirements – As we have mentioned, the windowpane of tilt and turn windows open inwards, and therefore there must be adequate internal space within the property in order to accommodate the inward opening. It is worth considering the layout of the property including access to sinks, taps, or key furniture before selecting whether this type of window is suitable.

What Is The Average Price of Tilt and Turn Windows?

The average cost of a tilt and turn window will vary significantly depending on the type of frame chosen, the size of the window and any additional finishes.  As an example, uPVC a tilt and turn window in the size of 800 x 800mm would often range between £450 and £500, whereas a much larger window at the size of 1200 x 1200mm would typically cost between £650 and £700. Please note that for any custom orders, the actual prices are likely to be higher than the examples provided above.

Due to the complexity of the internal parts of a tilt and turn window, the style does tend to be slightly more expensive than a traditional, casement style window.

What Alternative Window Options are There Instead of Tilt and Turn Windows?

Should the modern tilt and turn windows are not appropriate for the property or personal choice, a more traditional window type such as casement windows could be considered.

Casement windows offer versatility, often being suitable for nearly all types of property, as well as being a modern product that benefits from high energy efficiency ratings. Most styles can also be recycled at the end of their useful life.

Tilt and Turn Windows Summary

We have explored the advantages and disadvantages of tilt and turn windows, as well as looking at the average costs of the window type. If you are still undecided whether tilt and turn windows are suitable for your needs or property, please do get in touch to discuss the options further.

However, should you have decided that this is the window type for your new build property or renovation project, in order to obtain a more accurate price for the new windows to be supplied and fitted, please contact us directly so that we can provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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