Triple Glazing: Pros, Cons & Costs

Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is not as commonly seen within UK homes as double glazing at present due to the extra costs involved, however, there are benefits of installing the upgraded type of glazed windows and doors into your property. The increased layer of glazing is more common in Scandinavian countries where the weather is much colder, … Read more

Help to Buy Windows – Do I Qualify for the H2B Windows Grant?

Help to buy windows

There are many benefits of installing double-glazed windows and doors including increased security and improved installation to help with the fuel bills, however, the cost of installation is not a small expense. According to the Eco experts, the average cost of a new double-glazed window is £640 within the UK, which depending on the size … Read more

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn Windows

The windows of the property provide so much more than the aesthetic finish including such benefits as energy efficiency, ventilation and security and therefore sourcing the most suitable type of windows for the type of property will be important for any new build or renovation project. There are various types of windows on the market … Read more

Most Secure Front Doors

Most Secure Front Doors

Whether installing a new front door in either a new property or replacing an existing door, the security of the new door will be of utmost importance. After all, the security of a front door is often seen as the first line of defence in stopping anyone unwelcome from entering the property. According to Checkatrade, … Read more

Lean-To Conservatory Prices

Should you be considering a lean-to conservatory, you’ve come to the right place to discover more including whether planning permission is required, the approximate costs involved and another element to consider when reviewing if a lean-to is right for your property.  What is a Lean-to Conservatory? A lean-to conservatory, also known as a Mediterranean conservatory, … Read more

Free Double Glazing for Your Home

Free Double Glazing

With approximately 93% of homes in the UK having some form of double glazing, it has become a popular way to keep heat in and noise out. While installing double glazing has plenty of benefits, it’s also very expensive to install initially – this has resulted in a number of Government-led schemes aiming to drive … Read more

Double Glazing Grants in 2021 – What’s Available?

Double Glazing Grants

Double glazing is not a new phenomenon – it was first invented in the US in the 1930s, although it didn’t make its way over to the UK commercially until the 1970s. Today, it’s a popular choice for windows, with many homeowners opting for double (or even triple) glazing because of its multitude of benefits. … Read more

Patio Door Costs in 2021

Patio Door

Patio doors are a practical and pleasantly aesthetic way to let light flood into your home, but which style is best? Whether you choose to opt for bi-fold, French, or sliding, each type of patio door has its own benefits. This guide to the cost of patio doors will talk you through the different types … Read more

Bifold Door Costs in 2021

bifold door cost

Whilst different types of bi-fold doors have been around for centuries, they’ve previously had a reputation for being old fashioned. But recently, they’ve had an overhaul and have become more popular than ever – they not only look great but have a multitude of benefits that have meant many people have made the switch from … Read more

Window Prices – New Windows Cost in 2021

Window Prices

Replacing windows in your home can seem like a lot of hassle, especially as there’s a multitude of choices for you to pick from – from style and material to whether you opt for double or triple glazing. Whilst there’s no standard price for window replacement, there are a few things that can add a … Read more