How much do Patio Doors cost in 2022?


Patio doors are a practical and pleasantly aesthetic way to let light flood into your home, but which style is best?

Whether you choose to opt for bi-fold, French, or sliding, each type of patio door has its own benefits. This guide to the cost of patio doors will talk you through the different types of patio doors and, more importantly, how much they could cost you.

Types of patio doors

Here is a brief overview of the most popular types of patio doors in the UK, along with estimated costs:

Bifold doors

Bi-fold doors work by folding into themselves when opened in order to allow access onto the patio. They are usually made up of 2-7 panels and work by being placed on wheels that glide along a track across the bottom of the door.

Bi-fold doors have plenty of benefits: they take up less space than other kinds of doors as they do not swing open; design-wise, they are flexible and aesthetic; they are low maintenance; and they also allow plenty of access to the garden, blending indoor and outdoor living together.

French doors

In the UK, French doors are an incredibly popular choice. Made from 2 doors that open outwards from the middle means that they create a large passage in which the garden can be accessed.

They usually have two glass panels spanning the length of the doors, which means that they are light and visually appealing. French doors have a number of benefits, including:

  •  They open up wide, which means that you can bring the outside inside and vice versa – perfect in the warmer weather.
  • These kind of windows will have drought-resistant seals, low-e glass, warm edge spacer bars, and argon glazed units, which means that they are great at retaining heat and increasing the energy efficiency of your home.
  • They open outwards, meaning that the doors do not encroach on your indoor space, and allow light to flood into the property.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are another popular choice in the UK. They have one stationary glass pane and then another that slides behind in order to allow you to pass through. They are great because they don’t intrude on your indoor or outdoor space, although, the walkthrough that they create isn’t as wide as the one you get with French or bi-fold doors.

Sliding doors can create the illusion of more space, much like the other types of doors, as the glass panels allow light to filter through and really open up the home – perfect for entertaining in the garden. There are also plenty of ways to customise a sliding door for your home, including choosing materials, styles, and colours etc.

Materials used for patio doors


As one of the cheapest materials on the market, many homeowners opt for uPVC patio doors, and it’s also most often used in new build homes. uPVC is very low-maintenance – just requiring a wipe down with a damp cloth occasionally – compared to other materials that may need regular sanding and staining. Whilst uPVC can be a great price-saving option, there are plenty of materials that offer greater benefits, as well as being longer-lasting.


Aluminium has a multitude of benefits: not only is it great for letting natural light filter into the home, but it’s easy to maintain, incredibly long-lasting, and requires little maintenance. It’s also one of the most sustainable materials that you can use for your patio doors, in turn helping to reduce your heating bills.

The main drawbacks of aluminium doors are that they are more expensive than other materials, and, over time, they can become water damaged if not properly maintained. This will lead to rusting and staining, which means that they will need to be replaced sooner than other types of materials. However, with proper care, this can be avoided.


Timber is a popular choice, especially for those with period properties, because it is charming and looks very traditional, something that uPVC and aluminium lack. Timber is perfect in the winter as it is great at keeping heat inside the home and usually lasts longer than uPVC, but will cost a lot more as a result of this.


Composite doors can be a great option because they are made from a combination of materials. By combining the best properties from multiple materials, these doors are able to be strong and durable, while also having flexible visual options.

They also require less maintenance than a pure timber door, though, because of this, they are often more expensive than other materials used for patio doors.

How much do patio doors cost?

There are a couple of things that will affect the cost of patio doors, these include:

  • The type of patio door, whether that’s bi-fold, French, or sliding door
  • The material used on the door
  • The size and style of the door
  • Whether the door has double or triple glazing

When fitted with aluminium frames, French patio doors are usually more expensive, therefore, often they will be fitted with uPVC to keep costs low – this is the case often with new build homes. Aluminium frames can cost anywhere from £2000 – £2750, whereas uPVC and timber will cost between £800 and £2000 pounds.

For sliding patio doors, it’s common to make them from uPVC or aluminium, with timber used for the interior. These doors can be relatively cheap, with uPVC costing around £1000, and timber and aluminium doors costing upwards of £2000.

Bi-fold doors fluctuate in price but, generally, a door with 3 panels will cost around £1200 for uPVC to £2300 for an aluminium frame. This will, of course, increase as you add more panels – for example, an aluminium bi-fold door with 5 panels can cost up to £6000.

Patio Door Installation costs

Aside from the upfront costs of the patio doors, you will also need to consider the cost of installation. The price of labour can vary, so it’s worth getting multiple quotes before you decide on a company or tradesperson. Whilst the price will depend on the installer, there are a number of factors that can influence the installation cost:

  • If the existing space is suitable for the size of the door
  • For bi-fold doors, the more panels used, the higher the cost of installation
  • The material and style of the door
  • Your location, as rates will differ across the UK

A very simple installation can cost as low as £150, with more time-consuming installations costing around £500. Bi-fold doors are more difficult to install as the logistics need to be perfect for them to work, so installers will often charge more to reflect this.

Patio Door Costs Summary

Updating the patio doors in your home is a great way to improve the visual attractiveness of your property, as well as making space look bigger by bringing the indoor and outdoor together, and increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Not only are there plenty of styles and colours on the market, but there’s a patio door to suit most budgets – from a cheaper uPVC sliding door to a timber or aluminium bi-fold door.

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